Airasiago Promo codes, Coupons Codes & Offers 2018 Singapore

AirAsiaGo goes by the name of joint venture between Expedia and Airasia, providing range of services such as accommodations, flights and travel activities for travellers to meeting their travelling needs. Currently, they offer one of the lowest holiday package price to Air Asia’s destination with more than 300,000 accommodations and 10,000 activities to explore. In AirAsiaGo, different options are given for travellers to choose only flight, flight with hotel and only hotel. Being a AirAsiaGo’s BIG (loyalty) member, you can enjoy special benefits such as earning points through booking and redeeming trips/ flights around allocated destinations and saving on AirAsia flights up to 90%.

By booking flight with hotel at the same time, you can save your travels up to 33% depending on the duration, destinations and accommodations.

As we know, many loved cheap deals or rather deals that are affordable. So why not taking this opportunity to find out what they have to offer through tops deals which can be easily found in the front page of the website. Sometimes, AirAsiaGo launched festive deals when festive period is around the corner. Such deals are applicable only during a specific booking and travel period and usually cheaper than usual. If not, the great deals are open to people who book early, and they can attain more savings. Of course, all these comes with a price. (read carefully: Terms and Conditions) Personally, we would recommend this option if you are more easy-going and less picky on your travels. We believe that some travellers have certain expectations of their preferred hotels and flight choice after going through experiences.

Not only that, check out for AirAsiaGo’s last minute deals as it can be really attractive. For instance, getting a flight from Singapore to Penang this can be as low as $90 provided you can travel within the next few days with the dates given. It works for the hotels and package deals as well. Advisable to do a comparison first with your usual preferred site and AirAsiaGo before making a purchase.

What’s more? Customers can get special deals on AirAsiaGo mobile application, using their coupon code: GOMOBILE10 and save an additional of 10% when booking. The redemption end date for this code is 31 January 2019. Coupon code usually have an expiration period so when using it, take note of that. It doesn’t last for a lifetime.

Check out special deals on the application, the discount can be as high as 40% off on hotels. With this application, it makes searching and booking so much easily and with ease. Customers can track the booking status anytime and conveniently without logging into a physical computer which may take up of their time. It is easy to download the application. All you need to do is to scan the QR Code found in their main site under the “Mobile” tab. Alternatively, the AirAsiaGo application is available for download on App Store (Apple) or Android App, Google Play. The best part is having reminders and notifications like departure time, flight bookings and so on and forth. We need reminders like this in our life due to hectic schedules. So, include your email address in their mailer to receive more discount vouchers, discover exciting deals and previews to be aware of what is coming up if you are looking for really good deals!