Useful tips to prepare for examination

By Seraphina

Education have become an essential component as part of every Singaporean child’s growing life. The thought of exams can give mental stress to many students as they constantly struggled with it.  Exams are usually done to assess and gauge one’s academic capabilities and differentiate one among the rest. However, the government have emphasized less on this portion to also focus on other areas of the student’s capabilities other than their academics.

Here are some useful and valuable tips to help students manage and prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Do up notes in your own style

In preparation of examinations, writing notes can be a hassle for those who hate writings and seeing words all over and over again. One of the trick is to do the examination notes in your own style with your favorite colorful pens and notebook. What does your own style refer to? Tactile, visual or auditory style. Some students prefer to stick to 1 or have a combination of more than 2 styles. It depends on you. If you are those who expressed through visual like drawings, charts, linkages, your style could be Visual. Your notes need not be formal but neat as you need to refer to your notes regularly. Remember to start preparing the notes in advance and not till the last minute as last-minute revisions do not work well.

Doing past year revisions and keep practicing

Having to practice on past year revisions book helps the students to have a rough gauge of the questions for the upcoming papers and to able to pick up important questions that might potentially be out in the examinations. With more practice, it helps to build the confidence level and the student can get an estimation of the duration of the papers.

Work on weakness

Many students underestimated their weakness and do not make some effort to work on it. Never too late to start realizing what is your weakness and start practicing. If numbers are your greatest enemy, work on it. Turn your hate into love 😊

Good diet and sleep

Most students burnt mid-night oil to do last minute revisions and suffered lack of sleep before the examinations. It is necessary to get enough sleep to be mentally prepared. A student who rested more than the student who did not rest enough are able to absorb and process more information. The brains need enough rest to help process what you are learning. Eating right refers to eating sufficient and foods with nutrients enhances the student’s concentration and focus as well as giving them energy to study.

Take breaks after 40 minutes

Note to take some break after a good 40 minutes of studying. Have a snack, drink or a rinse to make you feel energetic while getting a rest. The 40 minutes should be intense and fulfilling for the student. After that, the student should get into the mood of revising feeling refreshed.

Depending on individuals there are many ways to prepare for examination as each method differs for each. If you are going through this, you can share with us what useful examination methods suits you best 😊