Things to do in Seoul

By Seraphina

Seoul, not only my favorite city but also a hot favorite among Singaporeans and overseas friends to shop and eat at. Seoul is a beautiful metropolitan city of Republic of Korea, located in the Asia region. There are so much to discover and explore that we are unsure where to begin with. If you are looking somewhere nice to shop, Seoul is definitely a recommended choice for being one of the best shopping paradise. We will be providing some places and attractions worth going for to make your travels most memorable. For those who have not been to Seoul before, we hope the below list helps you in your planning. For those who have been to Seoul and looking for other new places, we will include in the below list as well.

Lotte World

LotteWorld is very popular for all ages, and among the Koreans themselves. Lotte World comprises of a hotel with an indoor and outdoor amusement theme parks. It is a must go and a check-list in your itinerary list if you have not been there. Try to plan it during the weekdays and avoid school holidays period because it can be really crowded.

Buy Cosmetics and shopping at Myeongdong

Who doesn’t love shopping? Myeongdong area is a killer for all ages because of its shopping, cosmetics and line of food stalls. It’s really shop, eat and drop. In Myeongdong, you can find all kinds of apparels, all brands of cosmetic, street foods. Cosmetics brands such as Innisfree, Etude House, Missha, Laneige. What you name it, they have it. After shopping, try their fried chicken stalls like BHC (Be Happy Chicken) and soju to end your night.  Myeongdong shopping street closes at 11-12pm. Food stalls closes at a slightly late timing.  If you need more shopping, head down to Dongdamun area!

Jogyesa Buddhist Temple

Jogyesa Temple is one the major buddhist temple in Seoul and located near Isadong. Visitors can find a sense of peace and serenity amidst the hectic movement of the city. It is recommended to visit the temple during the Lotus Lantern festival or the buddha’s birthday because the temple will be decorated with pretty paper lanterns. At the temple, otherattractions can be seen such as the Baeksong (lacebark pine tree), Beomjongru (Brahma Bell Pavilion), Chinese scholar tree, Iljumun (One Pillar Gate) and more. The temple can be reached either alighting at Anguk or Jonggak Station. 

Catch the guard changing ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace

The Gyeongbokgung palace is one of the iconic sights due to its long history. The palace was built in 1395 and was the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It is free of charge for visitors who wish to visit but you can take pictures within the compound. To enter, you need to buy the tickets from the ticketing counter. Also, you can wear the gatekeeper’s costume behind the Gwanghwamun Gate for the experience and what’s good, it is free! The palace is usually closed on Tuesday. After visiting this place, you can drop by National Folk Museum of Korea in the vicinity.

Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart is the best place to buy all your Korean goodies such as MarketO brownies, biscuit sticks and even seaweeds. They have everything: foods, cosmetics, home use, clothings and many more. Do bring a big bag to store your purchases, if not they should have recycled boxes where you can use it to wrap and pack your items. Lotte Mart is located at Seoul Station.

Catch Korea’s popular cooking show, NANTA

If you have some free time, book the NANTA show and we are sure you will enjoy and love it. What make the show unique is it features a culinary-themed comedic performance, in a non-verbal setting. The movements and actions of the casts with the fast-paced music will catch your attention. Not only you get to enjoy visually, your senses will be awakened by the smell of the foods. Remember to book the tickets early in advance.

Café-hopping at Garosu-gil Street

Sick with your usual shopping? Make your way to Garou-gil where they are known for their beautiful cafes, pop-up stores, boutiques and galleries. Garousu-gil, Seoul’s fashion kings reign is the number 1 spot for fashion. You can find all major international and Korean brands as well as some flagship stores. Shopping is more on high end because of its high quality clothings.

Han River

Heading to Han River can be a good way to be rejuvenated. Take a walk or rent a bicycle as Han River is huge. Enjoy your ride or walk along the beautiful river and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Gwangjang Market

Visiting market is something that should be part of your itinerary. Why? Simply because you can taste the original Korean street foods and be fascinated with the countless street foods till you decide on which to eat. The market has another level selling textiles and items such as linen bed-sheet stores, silk, and satin. Gwangjang market operates from 830am to 6pm, while resturants and clothings stores close later.

N Seoul Tower

No doubt, N Seoul Tower is very popular tourist attraction among everyone. The tower sits on top of the Namsan mountain and one can view the majestic nighttime or morning city view from the tower. To visit the tower, visitors can either take the cable up to the peak or bus. From my view, taking cable car would be more feasible as it saves time. Do plan well because it can take some time waiting for the cable car because of the crowd. One of the attractions also known as the “locks of love”, the roof terrace is popular with couples as many attached the padlocks to symbolize everlasting love.

Indeed, Seoul is a wonderful city with unforgettable attractions and shopping places for you to visit and delicious Korean foods to savor. You may not know; every new attraction brings you another level of excitement and more beautiful places waiting for you to explore.