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Here is what you can do to make use of our online coupons and promo codes to get instant savings:

a) Browse our webpage for the product and retailer you want.
b) Click on the “GET CODE” button on the top right hand corner of the coupon.
c) A pop-up window will appear with the coupon code.
d) Copy the coupon code.
e) Go to the store and choose the item you want.
f) Different merchants may allow for different places for the coupon code (also called promo code) to be entered. Sometimes the coupon code or discount code can be entered in the shopping cart prior checking out. Most times, upon check-out, paste the coupon code from our website in the field for coupon code.
g) You should see the discount and the price you have to pay after discount on the transacting page.

You will know that the coupon is working when you see the discount and the price you have to pay after deduction. If you enter the code but do not see the discount, please contact the customer service of the merchant before completing the transaction. If you do not see a place to input the code, please search the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the merchant to check how you should insert the code.
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